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5 Simple Techniques To Staying Motivated

Being motivated is key to doing your best work and achieving the most out of life. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stay motivated for a variety of reasons- life’s hardships, unexpected circumstances that occur, feeling rundown or depressed- all of these factors and more can weaken your motivation to where you don’t feel like pressing harder and accomplishing more. Learn five simple techniques to staying motivated below so you can overcome these obstacles and keep your motivation high.

The first technique is getting enough rest. You may wonder how rest helps you to stay motivated, but if you think about it, you know that rest helps you to be calmer and to handle life’s challenges more easily. When you are rundown and tired, even the most minor mistakes or mishaps can anger you to the point where you yell and/or lose focus on more important things. Therefore, be sure to get enough rest.

The second technique is taking breaks throughout the day. Many people think they have to work throughout the day to be considered a hard worker, but to remain focused so you can do your best work throughout the day, you need to take regular breaks- it’s usually recommended 15 minutes every hour.

The third technique is doing an activity that you enjoy each day. Depriving yourself of something you like to do is not going to help you to stay motivated to do your best work. Therefore, take a few minutes or more to do something you enjoy each day. This can range from doing exercise, yoga, and/or weight lifting to reading a good book, playing a mobile game you enjoy, or talking to someone on the phone or via social media.

The fourth technique is ensuring that what you are doing aligns with your goals and beliefs. If you believe strongly in preserving the environment, but the company you work for does not, you may have a hard time staying motivated to work hard for this company. Finding another company in the same or similar field but believes in protecting the environment could help you to stay motivated in doing your best work.

The fifth technique is regularly talking with others, whether it be family, friends, etc. We all feel our motivation slip from time to time; what helps to bring it back up is talking to others about any issues or concerns we have, as we can get ideas and support from others to pick our motivation back up. By doing this on a regular basis, we can help each other to stay motivated and do our best work continuously.

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